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For over 25 years, we have been making Custom
Recurves & Longbows.

Jim Belcher, Master Bowyer

We understand custom archery equipment and the needs of the individual.  We have developed longbows & recurves that peak-perform at your draw length, no matter how short or long.  I draw on my 51 years of experience in shooting and building bows to custom fit each individual.

Whether you're a Bow Hunter, Target & Field Shooter, woman, or child, we'll make a bow just right for you.

Building bows in the U.S.A. for over 20 years.

Our mission is to develop archery equipment for the needs of our customers.
Jim Belcher, Bowyer

Simon Stanley shooting 154# Union Jack Longbow.

We had a great time visiting with Simon Stanley and the next generation of Belcher Archers.

Belcher Nephews shooting their Union Jack Jr Longbows!

The visitors from England were with us for 3 weeks.  Simon was picking up his new flight bow.

Young Joe, 7, & Sam, 6, were shooting their new Union Jack Jr Longbows.




Check out our

Check out our SKY Eagle, Longhorn, Trophy, I.L.F. Limbs and SKY TDX 15" & 17" Risers with Lost Camo and Mathews Harmonic Dampers.  Working with original formers designed by Earl Hoyt Jr.  Belcher Bows is our Custom Line of Longhorn, Thunderbird, Patriot T/D, and Union Jack Longbow based on Jim Belcher's 50 years of archery experience.

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